This Traffic Controller Course is suitable for anyone who needs to be able to use a stop/slow bat or place/remove traffic control devices (such as bollards and signs) in accordance with a Traffic Management Plan in a work environment.

Why complete this Traffic Controller Course?

Section 21 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic.) requires that employers provide an adequate level of information, instruction, training and supervision to employees to enable them to work safely.

This Road Management Act 2004 Compliance Code states, “Personnel involved in traffic management and traffic control should, where applicable, possess a certificate, issued by a Registered Training Organisation.”

This is reinforced by VicRoads Guidelines for Traffic Controllers – “Traffic controllers are to be appropriately trained in their duties and certified as competent. All accredited traffic controllers at worksites on roads in Victoria should comply with the guidelines… All traffic controllers are required to obtain a valid Statement of Attainment in Traffic Control using Stop/Slow Bat and should attend an appropriate refresher course every three years.”

  • Use of stop/slow bats
  • Implementing traffic management plans
  • Setting out, monitoring and closing down traffic control devices
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Experience working on sites which utilise traffic control is preferred

Available Dates

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Course Dates Time Available Spaces Cost Individual Bookings Business Bookings
12 December 2023 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 3 $440.00
22 December 2023 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
4 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 7 $440.00
10 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 6 $440.00
12 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 5 $440.00
16 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 7 $440.00
19 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 7 $440.00
24 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
25 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
30 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
2 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
7 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
9 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
13 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
16 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
21 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
23 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00
27 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $440.00

Course Details

Upon booking, WAM Training will provide a Traffic Controller Course Assignment which must be completed prior to the commencement of face-to-face training.

For the Traffic Controller Course, trainees must have adequate English language skills to safely complete tasks relating to controlling traffic, such as being able to:

  • Read and correctly interpret safe work method statements, Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Guidance Schemes (diagrammatic representations of traffic control device setups with measurements)
  • Complete required documentation relevant to traffic control, including completing risk assessments
  • Speak English clearly in order to explain, describe and verify sometimes complex needs and issues

If a trainee is concerned that they may not have the capabilities described above, please contact WAM Training on 1800 143 343 for advice.

Once competence is achieved, trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment and Proof of Training Card.

  • A maximum of 8 trainees can attend this course
  • Trainees should wear safety shoes (and hi-vis clothing if they can)
  • For identification, trainees should bring a driver’s licence or passport
  • This course is delivered over 1 day face-to-face with a blend of classroom-based and practical activities
  • Trainees are expected to have read the Traffic Controller Course Handbook prior to attendance which will be provided upon making a booking
  • In addition, WAM Training will provide a Traffic Controller Course Assignment which must be completed prior to the commencement of face-to-face training
  • Trainees will be assessed using a short-answer test and a practical assessment involving the use of traffic control equipment in accordance with traffic guidance schemes
  • Verbal assessments will not be conducted for this course (please refer to the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements outlined above)

Yes, VicRoads require retraining to occur every 3 years.

We require an assignment to be completed in advance so that everyone has a basic understanding of the course material, and we limit our class size to a maximum of 8 attendees. Other RTO’s generally won’t require homework and some allow up to 15 attendees in a class.

Trainees who haven’t completed their compulsory homework will not be permitted to attend the course and their course fees will be forfeited.

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20 reviews for Traffic Control Course

  1. Brennan

    Great trainer, clear communication and helpful throughout the course.

  2. Asoka De Silva

    Excellent training course. Recommend this to every employee engaged in associate duties. Training constructed extremely well. Very good teacher, thank you!

  3. Hayley

    Steve was an excellent trainer. He displayed a high level of knowledge on this topic. Steve was very helpful throughout.

  4. Spiros K

    I really enjoyed my time with Steve the trainer and the Traffic Control course. I would recommend this course to everyone.

  5. Annie

    Danny was engaging. Made the day interesting and ensured we knew the contents.

  6. Kate

    Robbie was extremely helpful and explained everything well.
    Certain real life incidents/experiences helps to understand certain parts better.

  7. Sofia

    All positive feedback. Our trainer was very friendly, made the group feel comfortable and ensure all group members understood every section before continuing onwards

  8. Tyson Maru

    My trainer was very profesional and very easy to understand. I found the course handy to have for my future purposes. Thankyou for teaching me what I thought I would have trouble with. I am now qualified to compete a job I know I will enjoy.

  9. Adam

    Rob was a great trainer. I love Rob’s passion he was an expert in the field. I learnt a lot about traffic but also how to teach it. Enjoyed the day. Rob you are a great trainer, Thank you.

  10. Kon

    Excellent communication from Danny.
    Made the course enjoyable.

  11. Kloe

    Danny had an amazing way of explaining and made everyone feel comfortable.

  12. August

    Great course. Recommend it to everyone

  13. Stan

    Course was great, very knowledgeable and good basic foundation to gain more experience.

  14. Sarah

    Excellent facility.
    Course materials were in excellent condition.
    Practical component was a great experience.

  15. Benn

    I have enjoyed the day and feel it will add to our skills in keeping a safe building site

  16. Josh

    I conducted my traffic controller course today and from my experience the training and teacher were very well organised and very helpful. Robbie was clear with what he was saying and easily understood. I was able to gain a lot of information and knowledge from this course. I highly recommend WAM training for any course you may be after

  17. Michael

    Good course of traffic control training completed at wam, very informative

  18. Marcus

    Really enjoyed the new premises, good facility with knowledgeable trainers.

  19. Brandon

    Would highly recommend WAM training, good teachers and smaller class sizes. Good training equipment and very competent trainers.

  20. Scott

    Did the dogging course here and at first it was overwhelming when they showed the week’s schedule but they have it set up in a way that you learn everything at a comfortable pace and I came out of the course feeling very knowledgeable on dogging. Have also done working safely at heights and traffic management with them and they are very thorough and professional.

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