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Use WAM Training for all of your Occupational Health and Safety Training needs.

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Why choose WAM Training for your Occupational Health and Safety Training?

More courses, more often

We run our wide range of Occupational Health and Safety courses frequently to make co-ordinating with your calendar easy.

Same day Certificate

If you successfully complete a course at our Laverton North training facility, we’ll make sure you leave with your certificate in your hand.

Train at our site or yours

Our dedicated Occupational Health and Safety Training Facility is located in Laverton North. But if you’d prefer for one of our trainers to come to your site and train your people in your environment, we can accommodate.

WorkSafe authorised

WAM Training and our Assessors are authorised by WorkSafe Victoria to conduct assessments on Boomlifts (over 11m), Forklifts, Dogging and Non-slewing Mobile Cranes.

Special rates for account holders

Approved account holders will be eligible to receive a 10% discount on all of their occupational health and safety training.

What should you consider when choosing a Occupational Health and Safety Training Provider?

"Considering COVID-19 restrictions have made it difficult, I think the trainer and WAM did a fantastic job of delivering the course."

- C. Brett

"Course was great. I really enjoyed the legal explanation about spotting and the real life examples. The instructor was knowledgable and relatable and kept the course interesting and engaging. "

- H. Sim

"Well organised, particularly under the current COVID restrictions. At no time did I feel like my personal wellbeing was compromised."

- A. Galea

"Big thank you to all the team at WAM. Special mention to Justin for all the support and knowledge throughout the course. A very supportive place to learn"

- V. Cucanic

"Thank you Justin. Your knowledge, temperament and positivity were obvious from day one. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and appreciate your efforts. All the best. Thanks also to Stan and Steve."

- Jane

"Justin and Stan were a breath of fresh air to be taught by. I struggle with maths and Stan helped me gain a great understanding of it. Justin put everything into context and highlighted the importance of safety as well as doing it all with a smile on his face. I really enjoyed the week."

- C. Diamond

"The course was well structured, very informative and much appreciated by me. What was outstanding though was the amount of care (for trainees) and attention to detail that was provided by the trainers. Thank you (PS - The revision time given was excellent)."

- John Plaxton

"This is the second course I've done here. The Trainers and courses are great. Our company now only use WAM Training for all of our occupational health and safety training. Highly recommend."

- Shane Tatana

"This course was fantastic on all fronts. The trainers were very clear and their skill sets are on point. Information was explained clearly and the subject matter for both practical and theory assessements was enjoyable. Safety was covered with everyone in mind."

- Angelo Sahin

"The course was carried out in a serious but relaxed atmosphere which I found reassuring. All staff were very polite and relaxed with some humour thrown in. Highly recommended."

- Declan Fowler

"It was a pleasure to undertake training with WAM. I will be sure to pass this feedback to my employer for any other occupational health and safety training we need."

- Stuart Feetham

"Almost 2 years ago, I did 4 training courses at WAM Training. Since then, I have been to 3 different training providers in South Australia and none of them have come close to the high standards set by WAM. At WAM, I had very experienced and talented trainers and saw very good equipment, planning & facilities. I always recommend WAM to anyone who asks."

- Lenard Goodwin

"Lindsay is a brilliant instructor. He understands that not everyone can pick up on things as easily/quickly as others and will not hesitate to provide extra support to those who need it. His feedback is always constructive and he has helped me to understand how to operate a forklift a lot quicker than I imagined. Thank you Lindsay!"

- Eli Harris

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