About Us

Our ‘About Us’ is all about you.

At WAM Training, we believe that providing a valuable and rewarding learning experience to all trainees who attend our courses is at the heart of who we are and what we are about.

Having our sights set on providing the highest quality training helps to not only fulfill your needs, but also empowers our team to take pride in enhancing your knowledge and skills. Our trainers truly love what they do, and they’re supported by a fantastic administrative support team. This is the WAM way.

Since 2008, we have aligned with customers and suppliers who value safety as much as we do. This is why you’ll notice that you are surrounded by employees of a variety of tier 1 construction companies and high end mining, manufacturing, petrochemical and water industry companies when you attend our courses. Whether you’re employed by some of the largest businesses in the country, or you’re a sole trader, or you’ve just started with a small ‘Mum and Dad’ business – you’re welcome at WAM Training so long as safety is your top priority.

Our trainers travel all over the country so that the staff of National businesses can be trained with a consistent message – one that supports the policies, procedures and safety cultures of our customers. We understand the application of legislation, Australian Standards and Compliance Codes and the importance of having a positive relationship with our safety regulators.

Our continued success relies on you being trained the right way, with no shortcuts. Our commitment is to make sure that no-one leaves our courses feeling short-changed or inadequately prepared for work where the stakes are high.


Train safe. Work Safe. Home safe.


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