11 Important Facts About Fire Warden Training

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What are the different types of Fire Wardens?

Essentially there are 4 different types of Fire Wardens. Each type has a there own specific focus whilst all still maintaining responsibility collectively for the following:

  • Prepare, Plan and Prevent emergencies wherever possible
  • Regularly review, improve and implement emergency response procedures
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation, ensure the efficient and effective communication of the need to evacuate and ensure all people on site are accounted for
  • Coordination of support employees and helpers during an emergency evacuation
  • Communicating with emergency services and first responders during an emergency evacuation
  • Managing and monitoring safe evacuation procedures

The additional responsibilities for each type of Fire Warden type are explained below.

What are the Chief Fire Warden responsibilities?

The Chief Warden has the most important role in an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)?

The responsibilities of a Chief Fire Warden are:

  • When an emergency alarm sounds, the Chief Warden must investigate and determine whether an emergency should be declared
  • If an emergency has been declared, the Chief Warden must implement the appropriate emergency response procedures and inform the ECO who will initiate the procedures
  • In an emergency, the Chief Warden is responsible for everyone in the building from the moment the emergency alarm sounds
  • They must meet with emergency service personnel and inform them of the situation, including what actions have been taken
  • The Chief Warden continues to be responsible for the occupants until it has been deemed safe by authorities to re-enter the building

What are the responsibilities of a Deputy Chief Fire Warden?

  • The Deputy Chief Warden acts as 2IC to the Chief Warden
  • The Deputy Chief Warden must take on the responsibilities of the Chief Warden in the event of an emergency if the Chief Warden is absent
  • Either the Chief Warden or Deputy Chief Warden must be present during each shift.
  • The Chief Warden must ensure they and the Deputy Chief Warden are never absent at the same time

What are the responsibilities of an Area / Floor / Zone Warden?

Area/Floor/Zone Wardens each have an area of the building assigned to them.

In the event of an emergency, the Area/Floor/Zone Warden is responsible for:

  • Initiating the emergency response procedure.
  • Following orders given by the Chief Warden
  • Direct Wardens to check areas for any abnormal situation
  • Communicate the circumstances of their floor and emergency procedures taken

What are the responsibilities of a Warden?

Wardens are responsible for the occupants of the building. Responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the implementation of workplace emergency procedures
  • Ensure staff are aware of any hazards in the workplace
  • Ensure safe evacuation of designated work areas
  • Lead emergency response procedures and drills
  • Account for all persons in an emergency situation (checking bathrooms and other closed off areas) ensuring no one is left behind and all are present at the evacuation point

What are Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden training requirements?

In order to perform the duties of a Fire Warden or Chief Fire Warden the following units of competencies is the minimum proof of training requirement:

How long does the Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden training course take?

To maintain currency Fire Warden or Chief Fire Warden, you must be able to prove continued competence. Employers commonly require retraining to provide proof of ongoing competence, often this occurs every 3 years.

Do I Need a Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden Training Refresher Course?

Employers need to be able to prove the continuing competence of their Fire Wardens and Chief Fire Wardens. Therefore Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden refresher training is an important element to ensure continued safety on worksites. Whilst not regulated, employers commonly require Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden retraining every 3 years.

Fire Warden Training Hats

What colour hat do Fire Wardens wear?

Chief Fire Warden – White hat

Deputy Chief Fire Warden – White hat

Communications Officer – White hat

Floor / Area / Zone Fire Warden – Yellow hat

Wardens – Red hat

First Aid Officer – Green hat

How many Fire Wardens do I need at my workplace?

Ultimately the decision as to how many Fire Wardens you require should be decided by “The Emergency Planning Committee”, who determine the number of wardens required per floor or tenancy.

It is standard practice to allocate two Fire Wardens for every 20 occupants. The decision to have two Fire Wardens per 20 occupants is based on the need to provide coverage of Fire Warden duties when one of the two is on leave or absent during an emergency situation.

How much is a Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden course?

A Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden course costs around $280. A small price to pay to ensure the health and safety of your people.

What course does WAM Training provide for Fire Wardens and Chief Fire Wardens?

The Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden course offered by WAM Training is suitable for anyone who wants to be a Fire Warden or Chief Fire Warden at a workplace.

WAM Training provides a 1 day course for anyone over 18 years old and whilst experience working with safety-related paperwork is preferred it is not a prerequisite to enrol.

Your training course will be conducted by a qualified and experienced electrical worker.

Additional courses that relate to Fire Warden and Chief Fire Warden training courses include the following:

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