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Category: Safety Commentary

Telehandler 4

Why a Telehandler Ticket May Be Right For You

Is a Telehandler Ticket a Good Idea? In recent times, Telehandlers have become a vital piece of equipment on construction
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Fire Warden Training 1

11 Important Facts About Fire Warden Training

What are the different types of Fire Wardens? Essentially there are 4 different types of Fire Wardens. Each type has
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Health and Safety Representative (HSR) 1

All you need to know about Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training

Who is Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training suitable for? The 5 day HSR Initial OHS Training Course is suitable
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Electrical Test and Tag 2

How to Get Started with Electrical Testing and Tagging

What is Electrical Testing and Tagging? Electrical testing and tagging is a process used to ensure that any electrical tools,
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Elevating Work Platform - Boom Lift

Top 5 Misunderstood Elevating Work Platform Considerations

Here are my top five misunderstood EWP Safety Considerations: The ‘11m rule’ Use of harnesses in EWP’s Gradeability Licencing and
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Overhead Crane 1

Overhead Crane Operation – Here’s a Rundown

Overhead Crane Definition In simplistic terms an overhead crane is a piece of equipment that can lift and shift a
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EWP Usage - Factory Shot

A Guide for Elevating Work Platforms

An elevating work platform, also known as a MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) is a mechanical device that elevates a
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Dogging in Construction – 11 things you must know

Dogging work in the construction, manufacturing and mining industries is very common. However, many aspects of Dogging work are misunderstood.
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Construction Induction Course by WAM Training

Construction Induction – What You Need To Know

In case you’ve been wondering about White Cards, I’ve answered a few common questions below. What is a Construction Induction
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Controlling Deadly Height Safety Risks

The Height Safety Death Trap COVID-19 has taught us all that we can make unilateral changes to the way we
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