This course is suitable for anyone who is required to work in or supervise confined space entry on a worksite.

Why complete this Confined Space Entry Course?

Section 21 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic.) requires that employers provide an adequate level of information, instruction, training and supervision to employees to enable them to work safely.

Furthermore, Australian Standard AS2865-2009 Confined spaces states the requirements for training and assessment of competency are as follows:

  • All persons with tasks associated with a confined space shall be trained and assessed as competent to conduct those tasks
  • Persons shall be reassessed at appropriate intervals to maintain their competency to conduct tasks associated with confined spaces
  • Identifying confined spaces
  • Hazard identification and control
  • Atmospheric testing and monitoring
  • Entry Permits and other paperwork
  • Use of breathing apparatus
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • A maximum body weight of 120kg applies due to this being the maximum capacity of our fall protection system
  • Experience working around confined spaces is preferred

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12 & 13 December 2023 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 4 $530.00
19 & 20 December 2023 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 8 $530.00
22 & 23 January 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 10 $530.00
5 & 6 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 12 $530.00
19 & 20 February 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 12 $530.00
4 & 5 March 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 12 $530.00
18 & 19 March 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 12 $530.00
2 & 3 April 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 12 $530.00
15 & 16 April 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 12 $530.00
29 & 30 April 2024 07:45 am - 04:00 pm 12 $530.00

Course Details

For the Confined Space Entry Course, trainees must have adequate English language skills to safely complete tasks relating to confined space work, such as being able to:

  • Read and correctly interpret confined space entry risk assessments, complex piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Complete paperwork such as Safe Work Method Statements and Entry Permits
  • Differentiate results regarding pressures, temperatures, voltages, masses and gas levels, interpret the results and determine the required actions
  • Speak English clearly in order to explain, describe and verify sometimes complex needs and issues

If a trainee is concerned that they may not have the capabilities described above, please contact WAM Training on 1800 143 343 for advice.

Once competence is achieved, trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment and Proof of Training Card.

  • A maximum of 12 trainees can attend this course
  • Trainees should wear safety shoes (and hi-vis clothing if they can)
  • For identification, trainees should bring a driver’s licence or passport
  • This course is delivered over 2 days face-to-face with a blend of classroom-based and practical activities
  • Trainees are expected to have read the Course Handbook prior to attendance which will be provided upon making a booking
  • Trainees will be assessed using a short-answer written test, incorporating a Safe Work Method Statement, and a practical assessment involving the entering of a confined space according to permits, using gas testing equipment and breathing apparatus
  • Verbal assessments will not be conducted for this course (please refer to the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements outlined above)

If you have any questions about our Confined Space Entry Course, please contact WAM Training on 1800 143 343.


No, this course is for working under permits, not issuing them.

Australian Standard 2865 Confined Spaces requires that individuals undergo reassessment at appropriate intervals. Essentially, your employer needs to have a policy outlining how often refresher training needs to be done (based on their risk assessment).

This is so that we can make sure that our Trainer is safe, and also so that our Trainer is familiar with the processes that your business follows. We can also flag any differences between your processes and our course content, so that contradictions can be resolved prior to course commencement.

Trainees wanting to complete the breathing apparatus unit are required to achieve a positive seal whilst wearing a breathing apparatus (note that Trainees who attend with facial hair which inhibits a positive seal may not be able to complete the unit).

Yes – Trainees should be aware that this course is physically demanding, requiring a substantial amount of bending, crawling and lifting via the use of manual hauling systems.

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13 reviews for Confined Space Entry Course (Initial – 2 Days)

  1. Tanika

    Very attentive, kept us calm and ensured we fully understood what we were doing.

  2. Jade

    Excellent communication, very engaging presentations, assessment was helpful and great group participation. Ryan is a great trainer and is a credit to the WAM team. WAM is a exceptional group training organisation.

  3. Toni

    Ryan was very clear in his teaching, made it quite clear. Also had a great style to make it enjoyable.

  4. Ryan

    Brilliantly trained, so I’m very happy. well done Ryan thanks heaps

  5. Chris

    The course was good. I was lot slower than most but Ryan was very supportive. Great instructor

  6. Shannon

    Robbie is an excellent trainer. Great sense of humour and very knowledgeable.

  7. Anoop

    I had undergone the Confined space training and it was a very good experience. There is definitely something new to learn with WAM training and the trainers are very much focussed into making us trainees fully aware of the subject. I would highly recommend WAM training to anyone interested. Definitely coming back.

  8. Krunal

    I would recommend to my employer WAM training center provide confine space as well.

  9. Nelson

    Enjoyed confined space entry training by a knowledgeable and friendly trainer. Course very worthwhile.

  10. Luke

    Just completed the forklift and confined space courses, both trainers were excellent and facilities of the place are spot on. Would recommend this training group to anyone looking to up skill.

  11. Ted

    Had a great day at want doing confined space training Robby was a good instructor

  12. Heath

    Completed the 2 day confined space training. Found the instructor clear and concise. And the day of practical to be useful way of going over what we learned on the first day.

  13. Kate

    I completed a Confined Spaces training course at WAM in March 2021. My instructor, Robbie, was engaging, thorough and supportive. I feel confident I can now complete this aspect of my job safely. Thanks Robbie and WAM.

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