Provide First Aid

Provide First Aid

(1 day course with assignment)

Unit Codes:

  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid
  • HLTAID002 Provide basic emergency life support
  • HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

WHO should complete first aid training?

Section 21 of the Victorian OHS Act 2004 states that, an employer must provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, adequate facilities for the welfare of employees at any workplace under the employer’s management and control.

WorkSafe Victoria’s Guide to Workplace Amenities and First Aid states, “The number of first aiders and training needs will vary between workplaces. As a general rule, persons designated as first aid officers will need to have undertaken training leading to a Senior First Aid certificate (Level 2 certificate).”

Additional Entry Requirements:

  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Applicants must satisfy the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements as outlined below
  • Applicants who are currently employed or who have recent work experience are preferred but not mandatory

WHY do you need first aid training?

The Law:
The law requires employers to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe working environment and adequate facilities for the welfare of their employees. Section 21(2)(d) of the OHS Act 2004 (Vic.) requires that, in meeting their duty under section 21(1), an employer must provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, adequate facilities for the welfare of employees at any workplace under the employer’s management and control.

This needs to include having appropriate first aid measures in place, including first aid kits and suitably trained first aid officers.

Australian Resuscitation Council:
All those trained in CPR should refresh their CPR skills at least annually. (ARC – Guideline 10.1 (March 2013).

Industry standards
Industry standards are universal with regard to first aid and CPR refresher training.

A first aid course remains current for 3 years, whereas CPR is required to be completed annually

WHERE are the first aid courses conducted?

WAM Training can come to YOU

  • For just $1,500* per course, WAM Training can deliver a First Aid course on YOUR site for up to 15 attendees

*Travel and accommodation charges apply to courses conducted in excess of 100km from Melbourne’s CBD.



Course conducted at WAM Training

  • $180 Per Person.
Course conducted on your site
  • $1,500 per course* (Max group size of 15)

*Travel and accommodation charges apply to courses conducted in excess of 100km from Melbourne’s CBD.

WHEN are the first aid courses conducted?


  • Friday 23rd August 2019.
  • Monday 26th August 2019 – 6 positions remaining 
  • Tuesday 27th August 2019.
  • Friday 30th August 2019 – 5 positions remaining 
  • Tuesday 3rd September 2019 – 4 positions remaining 
  • Tuesday 10th September 2019.
  • Wednesday 11th September 2019.
  • Monday 16th September 2019.
  • Tuesday 17th September 2019.
  • Thursday 19th September 2019.
  • Tuesday 24th September 2019.
  • Thursday 26th September 2019.
  • Monday 30th September 2019.
  • Friday 4th October 2019.
  • Monday 7th October 2019.
  • Wednesday 9th October 2019.
  • Monday 14th October 2019.
  • Wednesday 16th October 2019.
  • Monday 21st October 2019.
  • Tuesday 22nd October 2019.

Course duration & course times:

1 Day course (07:45am – 16:00pm Approx.)

Course numbers:

  • Maximum 12 on our site
  • Maximum 15 on your site


  • Enclosed shoes are required


Note:  Applicants will be required to complete a First Aid Pre-Course Assessment prior to the course.  This will be emailed to you after submission of a booking form.

Trainees will be assessed using a short-answer written test, a multiple choice test, and practical scenario based assessments


Once competence is achieved, trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment and Proof of Training Card

Language, literacy & numeracy:

Trainees need to be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required and numeracy to work by themselves and as part of a team, exercising judgement in the selection of equipment, services or contingency plans. Trainees must be able to utilise workplace documentation without the guidance of another person.

Health note:

The training and assessment may involve bending, crawling, and light to medium lifting. Please refer to ‘Student Health Form’ for further advice.

How safe is your workplace?



19.10.18 – Anonymous

The trainer was one of the best I have ever met. I am very pleased with WAM and learnt a lot. 

18.10.18 – Anonymous

Definitely learnt something, very helpful.

18.10.18 – Robert D

Graeme was very helpful. Thank you WAM.

08.10.18 – Fiona L

Course content was well presented, information was thorough.

08.10.18 – Kate

Excellent course from WAM and really good, engaging delivery from trainer. Thanks. 

04.10.18 – Gary

Had a great day. Trainer was great, easy to understand and follow. Great day.

04.10.18 – Gary L

Great training, very competent instructor. 

04.10.18 – Anonymous

Very knowledgeable trainer who made learning the content as painless as possible. 

04.10.18 – Pascal L

Great trainer, knows what he is talking about.

04.10.18 – Joshua K

Well spoken and had great knowledge. Enjoyed the course a lot and will be able to take a lot with me in any career and or in public scenarios.

02.10.18 – John

Very well ran course.

02.10.18 – Claire J

Graeme was an excellent teacher – great passion about first aid, huge knowledge and able to communicate the subject matter very well.

02.10.18 – Anonymous

The trainer was an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable, really got a lot out of the course. 

16.08.18 – Anonymous

Down to Earth, great trainer.

02.08.18 – Robert S

The trainer provided us with detailed explanations of topics and knowledge from his experiences. 

02.08.18 – Anonymous

Trainer was great. Good sense of humour and made the day fun. Learnt a lot, cheers.

02.08.18 – Toboin B

Trainer was great, perfect balance of real life scenarios, light hearted and serious where needed. Was perfect.

02.08.18 – Jackson

Presentations made the whole day very easy to digest.

27.09.18 – Chloe W

Trainer had extensive knowledge in this area. Very informative as well as being hands on. Was able to answer all questions. 

26.07.18 – Anonymous

Exceptional course. Trainer was a great source of information and experience. very informative and engaging.

26.07.18 – Anonymous

Trainer was great. Great course.

26.07.18 – Anonymous 

Norm was great. Good sense of humor and made the course fun but very knowledgeable.

26.07.18 – Richard C

Norm was highly professional. Very engaging. Job well done.

12.07.18 – James S

The trainer was very engaging and informing, it was great to learn in an open and fun environment.

25.07.18 – Matt L

The trainer made the course interesting and relatable. good bloke to learn from. 

13.07.18 – Suot W

Course was ran really well and it was entertaining.

12.07.18 – Anonymous

The course was conducted really well and kept me alert.

12.07.18 – Tristan

Very entertaining and informative. Enjoyed the training very much. Thanks.

12.07.18 – Malachy A

The trainer made the day fly by and very interesting. Extremely enjoyable. Best course I’ve been on.

11.07.18 – Krystle R

Norm was a very good trainer. Learnt a lot from him.

05.07.18 – Reg L

Steve was a fantastic instructor! Engaging and in the information he was providing to the class, knowledgeable. Very welcoming and good practical. Five stars.

05.07.18 – Leigh V

Steve provided a great learning environment and I enjoyed the course.

16.06.18 – Nathan

Best CPR course I’ve done. Well done WAM. Scenarios were a great addition.

15.06.18 – Nathan

Best CPR course I’ve done. well done WAM. Scenarios were great.

15.06.18 – Jack A

A breath of fresh air. Great presentation and lots of practical which is really good.

15.06.18 – Adrian

Great training. Well delivered. I definitely learnt some extra things. Thanks.

15.06.18 – Jinephine D

Excellent and relevant. The trainer was one of the best we have had and I have done this course for 10 years now.

15.06.8 – Anonymous

Very good.

15.06.18 – Jack G

Breath of fresh air. great presentation. Lots of practical which is really good, the more the merrier. 

24.05.18 – Mark R

Brilliant. Trainer was great and easy to understand all facets. 

24.05.18 – Anonymous

Trainer explains very well. It is a very hands on course. Will recommend it to any one.

24.05.18 – Stephen

Trainer was very entertaining and provided plenty of information while creating a fun environment.

24.05.18 – Len N

Trainer made it enjoyable and I have been to some courses which in which they haven’t. I would tell others to come here.

17.05.18 – Aman C

Very enjoyable training. Learned a lot.

17.05.18 – Rowan C

Trainer was awesome, great experience.

16.05.18 – Jack

The trainer was well informed, understanding and easy to understand.

16.05.18 – Andrew H

Well spoken, nice person.

10.05.18 – Dean E

Trainer made the afternoon a fun time whilst still getting the training done.

10.05.18 – Anonymous

Enjoyable presentation.

08.05.18 – Robert M

Excellent presentation, very informative.

08.05.18 – Anonymous

Really good course.

18.04.18 – Mark R

This is the best first aid training I have ever received. I learnt things today that had never been taught in other training. 

13.04.18 – Anonymous

Love the energy the trainer provided during the course, very committed to engaging the group.

10.04.18 – Rumble

Fantastic. Best course I’ve done yet.

06.04.18 – Steven

I was well trained by WAM. I learnt a lot about First Aid in just one day.

06.04.18 – M. Whevatov

Great Work

06.04.18 – Anonymous

Was a great course.

23.03.18 – Anonymous

I found it worthwhile. Excellent trainers. 

23.03.18 – Stephen M

Great presentation, well delivered. 

23.03.18 – Alex D

Clear explanations. Experience helped me to retain information by relating them to personal experiences. Very well executed. Would recommend to others.

15.03.18 – Anonymous

Very well presented and delivered.

15.03.18 – Rodney

Engaged trainees well.

15.03.18 – Daniel M

Trainer made it very entertaining learn CPR requirements. Thumbs up.

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Teacher very knowledgeable of subject.

08.03.18 – Paul S.

Fantastic trainer.

07.03.18 – Anonymous

Nothing, everything is perfect.

07.03.18 – James W.

Well facilitated. Fun and enjoyable.

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Subject knowledge was excellent.

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Trainer ran the course very well making it easy for me to understand.

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Trainer was great with a sense of humour. Made the day more funny.

01.03.18 – Jack C.

Trainer was great.

01.03.18 – Sara S.

Was well run, answered all questions, good jobs and well taught Norm.

01.03.18 – Nicole G.

The day was well organised. Trainer was comforting and approachable which made me feel at ease asking questions. Trainer was also had a great sense of humour.

28.02.18 – Anonymous

Great, enthusiastic trainer.

28.02.18 – Rebecca C.

I found the trainer to be very engaging and passionate. I normally would struggle to stay focused, however, I felt like the day flew by and I enjoyed it. Thank you.

28.02.18 – Rachael P.

Great instructor, confident, friendly, very knowledgeable and made the course interesting.

16.02.18 -Steven C.

Great presents, kept class engaged and interested.

16.02.18 – Sharon H.

Trainer had a great way of teaching. I wouldn’t change anything.

16.02.18 – Nick C.

Trainer was a breath of fresh air! Positive experience, full of energy with a wealth of knowledge and a great experience.

15.02.18 – Tasha E.

Great trainer – Made the course enjoyable. 

15.02.18 – Duncan M.

Best first AID course I have done.

15.02.18 – Anonymous

Trainer had a great way if presenting the course. Thanks WAM.

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15.02.18 – Ashlee B.

Trainer was fantastic. I felt I learnt a lot more this time round and feel more confident. Very fun and engaging.

15.02.18 – Anonymous

The trainer made refreshing on the subject matter easy to digest and learn. A very authentic.

15.02.18 – Erik K

First time I fully learned DRSABCD and other concepts.

15.02.18 – Anonymous

Overall the course was great, loved it!

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Very clear and informative. Used great examples to explain scenarios. 

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18.1.18 –  Darrin H

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21.12.17 – Finbar C

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Happy with it all – up beat training that was factual and relate-able.

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8.12.17 – Anonymous

Good course

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Professional and enjoyable.

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Great courage and positive attitude from instructor.

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Trainer was entertaining at the same time focused on the task of teaching.

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Great day – excellent course. Thanks!

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Good interesting course.

13.11.17 – Hannah

Steve had great knowledge of realistic situations to help gain an understanding of the content.

09.11.17 – Kyllie L

Paul was a great trainer. he helped me to feel very confident in being able to administer first aid if need e.

02.11.17 – Anonymous

Top bloke, made us listen and interesting. Easier to relax.

02.11.17 – Jake

Top bloke.

02.1.17 – Jarrad F

Norm was great, kept everyone engaged for the whole day.

01.11.17 – Ben M

Great training, good vibe, very informative and enjoyable.

30.10.17 – Sean L.

Good training session and trainer.

30.10.17 – Anonymous

All my questions were answered with help from training and explained well.

30.10.17 – Zac

Paul is great. Second course/training with him.

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20.10.17 – Alfonso 

Great training. Norm was knowledgeable and funny.

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Very good entertaining as well as very clearly pertained learning.

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Thanks Norm, very informative and entertaining.

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Norm is very good

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Delivered powerfully. Great morning.

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Norm was friendly and made the day seem to go faster by breaking up the monotony with humor and interesting stories. Top bloke!

19.10.17 – Anonymous

Norm was very engaging and easy to learn from.

19.10.17 – Steve H

Loved the stories and interactions.

18.10.17 – Anonymous

Norm was great! He knew his stuff and delivered it with entertainment.

18.10.17 – Peter

Made the training fun and engaged everyone well. Very well done.

18.10.17 – Anonymous

Everything was explained well and in good detail.

18.10.17 – Anonymous

Great trainer.

18.10.17 – Laura

Great enthusiasm. Dad jokes a plenty.

18.10.17 – Anonymous

Trainer made the day go by quickly with his passion, trainee involvement and humor.

11.10.17 – Au 

Norm was an excellent trainer with thorough knowledge in the area.

11.10.17 – Anthony D

Made the day enjoyable.

11.10.17 – Anonymous

Very informative, trainer had good knowledge.

11.10.17 – Bea G

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11.10.17 – Paul T

Norm was very entertaining and kept the course interesting. A good way to learn.

11.10.17 – Victoria M

Trainer had extensive knowledge of the course.

01.11.17 – Mark C

Great course,  fantastic teacher who has so much knowledge and uses it in a good way.

 01.11.17 – Ray

I have done a couple of courses with wars and this is the best ever. Very good, Norm is great.

01.11.17 – Anonymous

I found the training to be very fun and thought our trainer Norm did a wonderful job.

01.11.17 – Leigh

Give Norm more hours, excellent, engaging and knowledgeable.

02.11.17 – Les C

Trainer made it a fun day.


02.11.17 – Anonymous

Great day, really enjoyed it.

02.11.17 – Anonymous

Fantastic courses.


31.10.17 – Simone B

Very informative, used excellent examples.


27.10.17 – Ryan I

Our trainer Norm was very knowledgeable and made the course very interesting. Would love to have Norm teach me again.

26.10.17 – Anonymous

Informative, engaging and little bit nuts, just how i like it. Happy to come back and learn more.


26.10.17 – Eric T

Not my first course with WAM, Norm has been the best trainer I’ve had for first aid.


26.10.17 – Tim

Norm is a fantastic trainer. Very engaging.


25.10.17 – Clinton I

Norm was very informative and made the class enjoyable with his lighthearted but professional nature.


25.10.17 – Amandap I

Norm is a very good and he has real time examples to help with training.

05.10.17 – Anonymous

Excellent trainer, kept it interesting but knew what needed to be done.

05.10.17 – Anonymous

Great job, learn’t and was entertaining.

05.10.17 – Ian M

Excellent way of delivering the information.

05.10.17 – Anonymous

Informative. The information was relayed in a great way.

05.10.17 – Anonymous

Brilliant delivery by Norm made the subject relevant and interesting.

04.10.17 – Matt S

Very well conducted. Well trained.

04.10.17 – Anonymous

Norm kept the energy throughout the whole day. Trying to keep interest which I appreciated.

04.10.17 – Anonymous

Norm kept the class interesting.


3.10.17 – Lisa

Steve had excellent knowledge.

3.10.17 – Matthew V.

Fantastic course. highly recommended keep up the great work.

3.10.07 – Nic W.

Steve is very well suited to this position using humour and  being direct when needed.

22.09.17 – Jason R

Norm delivered the content very well. Was very interactive and kept us all engaged  for the length of the course. Most interesting first aid course i have attended.

12.10.17 – Anonymous

Norm’s presentation style is entertaining as well as factual, which makes for an educating session that’s enjoyable and relaxing.

12.10.17 – Anonymous

Give Norm a raise, excellent teaching,

12.10.17 – Detlyn R

Great teaching style.

12.10.17 – Anonymous

Very good teacher, good content.

12.10.17 – Paul F


10.10.17 – Troy M

Well trained, provided me with all the relevant information.

28.9.17 – Anonymous

I found the trainer’s style to be fun and informative.

28.9.17 – Anonymous

Fantastic knowledge and really funny.

28.9.17 – Marie

Trainer was very nice and knowledgeable it was great to hear some real life stories.

28.9.17 – Joshua I

Good group and learning experience.

28.9.17 – Kylie

Trainer made learning easy, real life experiences helped me to develop a better understanding of his explanations.

28.9.17 – Anonymous

Trainer was fantastic.

28.9.17 – Anonymous

Trainer was a great communicator.

27.9.17 – Rom H

Instructor was passionate and engaging with real world knowledge.

27.9.17 – Ross C

Excellent course well delivered. 

27.9.17 – Don M

Enjoyable course.

27.9.17 – Anonymous

Really enjoyed the way the trainers presented with passion and enthusiasm. 

27.9.17 – Anonymous

A great deal of knowledge delivered in a very entertaining way in which the trainee will remember quite easily and for a very long time.

21.9.17 – Gavin S

Great day.

20.9.17 – Anonymous

Very relatable. More interesting because of discussion about each tape rather than just working from power-point. 

20.9.17 – Anonymous

Great instruction.

15.9.17 – Anonymous

Very well presented by Paul.

13.09.17 – Mick L

Trainer was thorough and very knowledgeable.

09.09.17 – Anonymous

Very educated teacher.

08.09.17 – Jordan 

Norm has a great way of teaching and keep everyone alert and learning.

08.09.17 – Peter C

Was great – as was his knowledge. Thanks.

08.09.17 – Ian W

Norms friendly and encouraging approach to the course and the way he encouraged us to interact with other students made it informative, interesting and constructive thanks.

08.09.07 – Jack 

Norm people skills are great, he knows his CPR and can accommodate for all levels of learning.

08.09.17 – Zac

Brilliant teacher. Really enthusiastic and knowledge of what he is teaching. Brilliant dad jokes.

07.09.17 0 Trevor K

Norm is an exceptionally good trainer with a huge amount of knowledge, makes learning comfortable and fun. 

06.09.17 – Brian H

Norm has a great coaching style and some fantastic experience.

06.09.17 – Ray S

Course was well presented.

06.09.17 – Anonymous

Norm kept the whole class interested and taught us all valuable knowledge that was relevant to the course.

06.09.17 – Scott B

Norm has a great sense of humor, making the course more enjoyable whilst imparting knowledge and real world examples.

05.09.17 – Anonymous

Did this course about 2 years ago and this was a good refresher as I had forgotten a few things.

05.09.17 – Charu

Norm made training fun and relate-able, made everything a lot easier.

05.09.17 – Anonymous

Fun and easy to learn, Norm was an excellent trainer.

25.09.17 – Warren M

Norm ran an informative and interesting course. His knowledge of first aid is superb. Excellent Course.

31.08.17 – Jarman

After attending the training I feel more confident in first aid/CPR.

31.08.17 – Anonymous

A lot more detailed this time round.

31.08.17 – Erin G

Thank you Paul, for your understanding and great support and training. I got a lot out of it.

31.08.17 – Peter

Great course – great teacher.

25.08.17 – Anonymous

Norm was fantastic so knowledgeable and made the course really enjoyable and fun.

25.08.17 – Anonymous

Norm was great – made the first aid interesting and added his own flare about it which made it fun.

24.08.17 – Dan R

Norm made the day fun. I enjoyed his sense of humor.

24.08.17 – Damien L

Norm was a great trainer and made the course enjoyable.

24.08.17 – Lachlan C

Trainer is a champion!

24.08.17 – Anonymous 

 Trainer was funny and knowledgeable

24.08.17 – Anonymous

Norm shows his own experience as an ambulance driver, what use in reality. 

13.09.17 – James C

Trainer was fantastic, very knowledgeable and quiet the comic. Great Course!!!

13.09.17 – Kate B

Norm has the knowledge, the people skills and the patience – excellent trainer – could understand and relate all the material 

13.09.17 – Jacob C

Very friendly and enthusiastic, made course interesting and applicable.

17.08.17 – Rachael D

Excellent; informative and entertaining. I feel so much more confident! Thanks WAM!

17/08/17 – Ashley O

Course was very well run. Instructors were entertaining and enjoyable.

17.08.17 – Hamish

Engaging trainer, experience in paramedics and defense force meant there were good reasons to listen.

17.08.17 – Anonymous

Terrific instructors with great life experience to apply to explanations.

17.07.17 – Steve B

Great course, very detailed and exceptional trainer.

30.06.17 – Rob G

Steve’s presentation style was enthusiastic and engaging. Practicing on the CPR dummies and using the training defibs was really helpful. Active participation was both engaging and made for better learning.

30.06.17 – Creig T

First course ever done in first aid where it was was interesting! Great teacher!

26.06.17 – Robert S

Very informative training session.

26.06.17 – Anonymous

Informative, easy to understand. First aid made easy.

15.06.17 – Anthony 

Clear and thorough explanations and examples from experience.

15.06.17 – David F

Good trainer, engaged the whole group.

31.05.17 – Matthew W

Great knowledge and made the course very educated and fun.

31.05.17 – Darren G

Best first aid course I have ever attened, great instructor.

05.06.17 – Wayne

Thanks to the staff, especially Steve at WAM for the way you all  go about training