COVID-19 Update – Lockdown 5 Extended

Hi Everyone,

As many predicted, lockdown has been extended. Earlier today, the Victorian Government announced that we will come out of lockdown at 11:59pm on Tuesday 27th July.

We’re reaching out directly to all immediately impacted customers, noting that only the following training will be conducted during the lockdown:

  • High-Risk Work Licenses (DG, LF and WP)
  • Construction Induction (White Card)

If you didn’t catch my last post, here’s the rules that apply to adult education. I know it might be a bit boring, but please have a close read before sending your staff to any form of training over the next few days.

[T]he conduct of essential adult education services pertaining to the following occupations and activities for:

  • training and assessment for infection control, high-risk work licenses and high-risk work credentials and construction induction (white card), that ensure workplace and public safety in permitted work premises or for permitted workers; or
  • study for final year pre-service early childhood and school teachers (including placements); or
  • final-year higher education students (i.e. in TEQSA-regulated courses), who do not have alternative options to complete their study by end of year; or
  • first aid training where required for COVID response; or
  • study for health care workers (including clinical placements); or
  • apprentices training with an Authorised Provider or Authorised Worker; or
    clinical health and biomedical science (if required to be on site for the maintenance of essential research activities); or
  • aged and disability care (including clinical placements); or
  • mandatory assessments for VCE and VCAL students; or
  • police Academy; or
  • defence and national security agencies;

If you require further information or assistance, please call our office on 1800 143 343.


All the best,

Aaron Monaghan

General Manager

WAM Training (RTO 22054)

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