First Aid and CPR Courses Resume at WAM Training

WAM Training - First Aid Training course

Since the 25th of March this year, first aid courses have been postponed by most first aid training providers as a result of the advice from by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). As the peak body in first aid guidance, WAM Training has followed their advice.

The Australian Resuscitation Council has now advised that resuscitation training can be reintroduced and recommends that RTO’s should complete a risk assessment and continue to follow National, State/Territorial and local Health and Safety, Infection Control and Occupational Safety requirements to safely facilitate courses.

As a result of this most recent advice from the ARC, WAM Training has conducted a risk assessment on the delivery of all First Aid and CPR training and assessment components and has concluded that we can safely continue with First Aid and CPR training whilst continuing to ensure adherence to social distancing requirements and examples of such measures include:

  • Ensuring every trainee has their own CPR mannequin (I.e. no sharing during classes);
  • Allowing rescue breaths to be simulated beside the CPR mannequin (rather than breathing into the mannequin);
  • Simulating two-person assisted CPR using two mannequins at 1.5m apart; and
  • Continuing strict adherence to all government COVID-19 protocols

Some minor adjustments have been made to the practical assessment components of First Aid and CPR courses whilst still maintaining the integrity of the nationally accredited units of competency.

Therefore, WAM Training will recommence delivery of First Aid and CPR training courses on Monday the 15th of June, 2020, with further public courses scheduled on:

  • Monday 15th June 2020;
  • Wednesday 24th June 2020;
  • Tuesday 30th June 2020;
  • Thursday 2nd July 2020;
  • Monday 6th July 2020;
  • Wednesday 15th July 2020; and
  • Monday 20th July 2020

To view First Aid and CPR course details and dates, or to schedule a course on your site, please visit our First Aid Course or CPR Course pages on our website.

Train safe, Work safe, Home safe.

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