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Western Safety Group

www.wsg.org.au The Western Safety Group has been operating since 1957 as a forum for sharing information and knowledge on occupational health and safety. The Group is a voluntary, non – profit organisation, comprising companies, organisations and individuals from the western region of Melbourne. These organisations and individuals come together through a common interest in promoting and developing health and safety at work and a willingness to work together to achieve this.


www.incolink.org.au Incolink is the trading name of the Redundancy Payment Central Fund Limited. It is a trustee company established by unions and employers in the Victorian building industry in 1988 to administer industry funds. Training Incolink is not a training provider, but can often arrange access to training opportunities and programs that help improve workers long-term employment prospects. In some cases assistance a contribution towards the cost of training may also be available, this can be confirmed by contacting the Member Services Department.

Elevated Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPAA)

www.ewpa.com.au The EWPA (Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia Incorporated) is the peak representative body of this specialised industry. Our members include rental companies, manufacturers, suppliers, end-users, trainers and specialised support and service companies that cover the full spectrum of this industry.

Rough Terrain Pallet Lifting Cage

www.brickcages.com Moving pallets can be time consuming and complicated, especially when working on uneven ground. Brick Cages have found the solution to that problem by inventing a revolutionary style of pallet lifting cage that ensures the highest standard of on-site safety. Don’t take the risk of possible costly delays or safety concerns when you can now purchase or hire this highly versatile Rough Terrain Pallet Lifting Cage. Call us today 03 5977 9077


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