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At WAM Training, we understand the delicate balance that our customers need to strike between maintaining onsite health and safety via ongoing OHS training and limiting their teams’ exposure to the coronavirus. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make sure that our training facility is Covid Safe. Here’s a summary of some of the key initiatives from our Covid Safe Plan.

Covid Marshall

Dedicated Covid Marshall

Sometimes all this covid stuff can be a little confusing, and every site has its own rules. That’s why we have a dedicated Covid Marshall on site to help walk us through and remind us of our rules throughout the day.

Wear Your Mask


Face masks need to be worn by all people at WAM Training, at all times. There are a small number of exceptions, such as:

  • People who are medically exempt
  • Individuals who are occupying a room by themselves
  • Trainers when they are conducting a presentation or observing practical activities

Our mask rules are in alignment with the directives of the Victorian Government.

QR Code Check In

QR Code Check-In

You’ll see QR codes for checking-in at the entrance to our building. Please be sure to check-in every day. A Covid Marshall can assist you if you need a little help.

Daily Temperature Checks

We check every person’s body temperature upon arrival using a no-contact infrared thermometer. If you’re attending a course that runs over multiple days, please make sure you have your temperature taken every day.

Social Distancing

We need to keep at least 1.5m away from others wherever possible. That’s why we have one-person-per-desk and sufficient space in our classroom and practical environments so that you can keep your distance.

Density Limits

Room Density Limits

You’ll notice signage up on every door to notify everyone of the maximum number of occupants allowed in each room. Be sure to take note and never exceed the limit.

Extra Ventilation


Current advice is that covid is less likely to spread where there is increased ventilation. That’s why we’re making sure that all doors and windows are open when rooms are occupied.

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