Working Safely At Heights

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Working Safely at Heights

(1 day course)

Course Code: RIIWHS204D

WHO should complete working safely at heights training?

Anyone who exposes themselves to the risk of a fall, whilst conducting any work activity in Australia. In particular, anyone who wears a harness as part of a control measure when working at any height. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All height safety operators,
  • Height safety supervisors,
  • Height safety equipment inspectors and
  • Height safety managers

WHY do you need working safely at heights training?

The Law:
Section 21 of the OH&S Act 2004 (Vic.) requires that employers provide an adequate level of information, instruction, training and supervision to employees to enable them to work safely.

Australian Standards:

“Operators at entry level who are required to perform harness based work at heights shall be trained and assessed in a nationally accredited general height safety course or a course of equal standard, to a level of competence where they can work under a supervisor.”

AS1891.4 - Industrial Fall arrest systems and devices - Selection, use and Maintenance (2.2.11.a.ii)

WHAT is covered in the working safely at heights training course?

The following subjects are covered throughout the course:

  • The fall hazards to which you are exposed
  • The risk of injury associated with the task
  • Identify work area requirements and assess the hazards and risks associated with working at heights
  • Access work areas using appropriate height safety measures
  • Why control measures are needed and how to implement them

WHERE are the working safely at heights training courses conducted?

How Safe is your workplace?

If safety is important to you and your staff when working at heights, you must always ask yourself the question "How safe is your Workplace?"How Safe Is your Workplace?



  • $280.00 Per Person.
Book 2-3 courses to receive a 7.5% discount off all courses booked.
Book 4 or more courses to receive a 15% discount off all courses booked.

WHEN are working safely at heights courses conducted?


  • Thursday 3rd August 2017 - 4 positions remaining 
  • Tuesday 8th August 2017 - 3 positions remaining 
  • Monday 14th August 2017 - 1 position remaining 
  • Wednesday 23rd August 2017.
  • Thursday 24th August 2017.
  • Wednesday 30th August 2017.
  • Monday 4th September 2017. 

Duration & course times:

1 Day course (07:45am - 16:00pm Approx.)

Course Numbers:

Maximum 12


  • Enclosed shoes and hi-visibility clothing are required
  • WAM Training can provide a hi-visibility safety vest for courses on our site


Trainees will be assessed using a short-answer written test, incorporating a Safe Work Method Statement, and a practical assessment involving the use of height safety equipment


Upon successful completion, trainees will be able to use harnesses for work conducted at height and undertake general work at height.
Successful trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment and Proof of Training Card.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy

Trainees need to be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required and numeracy to work by themselves and as part of a team with some accountability of their own work areas in defined and routine tasks. Trainees must be able to utilise workplace documentation using basic written English, with limited guidance

Health Note:

The training and assessment includes working at heights and will involve bending, crawling, and light to medium lifting. Please refer to ‘Trainee Health Form’ for further advice.

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Thank you for choosing WAM Training.

Our Working Safely at Heights training course is Nationally accredited and are conducted primarily at the WAM Training’s Laverton North Industrial Training facility. The course duration is 1 day.

Safe selection, inspection and use of harnesses and other commonly used Working at Heights control strategies are assessed and demonstrated throughout this 1-day course.

Once competence is achieved, trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment and a WAM Training “proof of Training” card complete with your photo.
The statement of attainment and the proof of training card will be available at the completion of your course

The Working safely at Heights course will guide you through the outcomes required for you to:

  1. Identify work requirements
  2. Identify work procedures and instructions for the task
  3. Access and install equipment
  4. Perform work at heights
  5. Clean up and storage of Height safety equipment.
The training and assessment will involve working at heights, climbing vertical ladders, bending, crawling, and light to medium lifting.
There will be a knowledge assessment to test your knowledge at the end of the training session and a practical assessment to confirm your grasp of the working at height principles presented and discussed throughout the day.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact our office on

1800 143 343

or email to

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Course Reviews


6.4.17 - Kevin R
Good overall training, teacher took time to explain everything in detail.
14.3.17 - Geoff T
Course ran very smoothly. Not boring like some other course I have been through.
14.3.17 - Anonymous
Was easy to understand and explained well.
3.3.17 - Anonymous
Not being so knowledgeable with a non-construction background, I found it easy to focus and learn what I needed to effectively
3.3.17 - Anonymous
Great interactive environment.
16.2.17 - Sam H
Well presented
16.2.17 - Anonymous
Very well presented and easily understood, 10/10.
16.2.17 - Anonymous
Was very informative and lots of knowledge was a pleasure
16.2.17 - Ron G
Interesting day. Professional instruction.  
16.2.17 - Adam S
Trainer was easy to understand, presented well and kept group interested through out the session.
10.2.17 - Matt P
Steve had great knowledge and presented in an engaging manner.
10.2.17 - Jason S
Excellent. Great job Steve!!
8.2.17 - Thorsteiv W
Great course, well executed.
8.2.17 - Samantha C
Good amount of practical mixed in with the theory.
27.1.17 - D. Montgomery 
Steve had a very good knowledge of the course. His training style is easy to listen too. Good instruction. 
27.1.17 - Anonymous
Training was knowledgeable and had a good style.
16.1.17 - Tania 
Dave did a really good job of keeping everyone engaged and making sure everyone understood the material being discussed. 
21.12.16 - Andrew W
Steve was very good.
21.12.16 - Anonymous
Very easy to understand.
19.12.16 - Tim R
Dave was well spoken and very informative. Great people skills and always helpful.
19.12.16 - Mesud Z
Great instructor, learned a lot especially never having done anything like this before.
14.12.16 - Neil T
Dave provided informative trainer showing good knowledge of the subject. Dave maintained engagement of the learners and paced the training well.
2.12.16 - Shanshan Z
Steven is very knowledgeable. The course is very helpful and interesting.
30.11.16 - Dean 
Good trainer with great knowledge.
30.11.16 - Anonymous
Steve was great, he kept it interesting.
30.11.16 - Heidi
Steve is a good facilitator, great communication skills and was interactive with the audience.
21.11.16 - Anonymous
Steve's a great trainer
18.11.16 - Brent B
Very in depth.
18.11.2016 - Brad M
Steve was a great trainer. More of our workers will be back
14.11.16 - Brett W
Had fun and learnt what I had to learn
14.11.16 - Gary C
A great days training was had by all.
9.11.16 - Wayne S
Trainers are extremely well versed in content.
9.11.16 - Daniel F
Trainer was great. Course was great also.
8.11.16 - Anonymous
Greg was very knowledgeable and presented well.
4.11.16 - Anonymous
Thanks for the clear instructions, all organised well.
4.11.16 - Sharma G
Very nice and intelligent teacher. All good.
19.10.16 - Gene C
I thoroughly enjoyed this training session, a credit to Dave and his training skills.
17.10.16 - Darrin D
Made the course fun, very knowledgeable.
7.10.16 - Gavin
Very well set up facility. Good trainer who tells you what you need to know. 
06.10.6 - Anonymous
Training was clear and trainer had a lot of knowledge.
06.10.16 - Matthew S
Great teacher, easy to understand.
06.10.16 - Anonymous
I felt I have gained a lot more knowledge from this training.
06.10.16 - Anonymous
Good quick and understanding course.
06.10.16 - Anonymous
I learnt a lot and I would recommend to others.

21.09.16 - Anonymous
The trainer was helpful in all ways.

21.09.06 - Shaun
Great course.

21.09.06 - Anonymous
Good knowledge presented.

19.09.16 - Joseph L
Good delivery of course, quite knowledgeable.  
16.09.16 - Tyler
Was a very good and fun course.
14.09.16 - Dianne P
Excellent training of both practical and theory. Aaron has an excellent trainer with great knowledge.
05.09.16 - Lynton W
Steve was an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable.
05.09.16 - Anonymous
Good split between practical and theory.
02.09.16 - Anonymous
Good job made course as interesting as possible.
24.08.16 - Anonymous
Excellent class.
16.06.16 - Christian M
Very good.
16.08.16 - Victor B
Very good!!! So happy thanks.
16.08.16 - Paul L
Great course, great teacher.
11.08.16 - Terry G
Great course!
05.08.16 - Joseph F
Best course I've ever done. Was fun!
05.08.16 - Anonymous 
The course was very helpful.
05.08.16 - Andrew T
Well run and very helpful and knowledgeable trainer - willing to stop and take questions on real life examples.
26.07.16 - Ben
Informative and enjoyable course, been to a few this is up there.
25.07.16 - Craig P
Excellent presentation and great knowledge in the field.
25.07.16 - Anonymous
Great course, Steve made it interesting.
25.07.16 - P Walkers
Steve did a well in getting this message to us.
25.07.16 - Maurice R
Enjoyable, laid back and enjoyable.
25.07.16 - Peter B
Thank Steve very thoroughly and practically delivered presentation of training course.
21.07.16 -  Ben
Dave made the course informative and entertaining as he always does. Will be back again. Had to do refresher interstate, glad to be back at WAM.
14.01.16 - Anonymous
ery well spoken and easy to understand.

07.07.16 - Andrea N
Purpose built exercise area is fantastic. Steve's experience adds so much value to the course content.
07.07.016 - Cameron G
Great course, good mix of theory and practical. Good fun.
29.06.16 - Rob 
Great course, well presented.
28.06.16 - Damien E
As expected great.
28.06.16 - Anonymous
I feel a lot more comfortable using a harness.
16.06.16 - Cam
Great, well informed and experienced.
16.06.16 - Craig D
Steve is great thanks.
2.06.16 - G McNamara
The course was delivered in a professional. Well done.
3.06.2016 - Andy W
The trainer was very experienced and able to deliver the course in a manner easy to understand.  There was a good mix of theory and practical. We will use WAM Training again.

3.06.2016 - Paul W
Trainer had good presentation and good knowledge of subject.

30.05.16 - Jason H
Dave was open to discussion and gave great examples of points and situations relevant to the course.
30.05.16 - Lenin M
Good course, well presented.
27.05.16 - Brad P
Very well presented/explained. Trainer relates well to class and keeps it reasonably interesting.
26.05.16 - Graeme M
Very good, thank-you.
26.05.16 - Ken D
Excellent - great presentation 
26.05.16 - Anonymous
Very well presented. Dave made it fun while learning at the same time
26.05.16 - Peter H
Dave presented very well and made it fun while completing course (Did not fall asleep).
26.05.16 - Jacob S
Dave did well to make an otherwise mundane day pain free and entertaining.
20.05.16 - Anonymous
Happy with the course and presented well.
15.05.16 - Anonymous
Steve was an excellent trainer.

15.05.16 - Anonymous
Amazing trainer.

15.05.16 - Andrew
Loved the real world examples. Puzzles ere a good addition to keep class interest.

10.05.16 - Anonymous
All good! Keep going guys.
05.05.16 - Joe M
Trainer spoke clearly and was easily understood. Also easy to get along with.
04.05.16 - Anonymous
You couldn't ask for a better trainer.
04.05.16 - Anonymous
Trainer made course clear and easy to understand.
29.04.16 - Anonymous
Dave is the best instructor I've ever had
14.04.16 - Kylie W
Thank you for a positive learning experience.

14.04.16 - Peter B
Top teacher.

14.04.16- Guy
Well presented.

22.03.16 - Stephen M
Good instruction. Great people to train with.
07.03.16 - Anonymous
Teacher was extremely knowledgeable. Knew his subject back and front. Taught what was relevant to your workplace
29.02.16 - Oscar D
Very engaging - great course.
16.2.2016 - Anonymous
Fast paced with no time wasting.

16.2.2016 - Mert
Trainer had excellent knowledge, covered all aspect of course.

16.2.2016 - Anonymous
Dave was awesome

11.02.16 - Anthony G
Steve had a sound knowledge of this content and I found his training style such that made it easy to absorb and understand.
2.2.2016 - Matt
Dave was great. Broke things down and information was easy to pick up. Would do any sort of training with WAM.

2.2.2016 - Michael
Dave kept the class interesting. Never once got bored.

2.2.2016 - Shane
Very professional.

21.01.16 - Mick
Thought Dave taught realistically and was on our level - Relaxed methods & approachable
27.01.16 - Rachael
Moved at a good pace.

15.01.16 - Michael V
Course fit for purpose. Very good
15.01.16 - Anonymous
Aaron presents a good course. Good practical
22.12.15 - Dean
Good course, well presented.
22.12.15 - Carlos F
Dave's training and explanation was very good clear.
18.12.15 - Eric F
The trainer was very clever and concise.
18.12.15 - Adrian W
Steve was helpful and informative.
07.12.15 - Barry
Course was very suitable.
07.12.15 - Anonymous
Keep up the good work.
24.11.15 - Trewren W
Steve was a very good trainer. Excellent knowledge and skills.
24.11.15 - Bryan K 
Very informative course and well taught.
24.11.15 - Anonymous
Great advice and learning techniques.
24.11.15 - Maija B
Very engaging trainer. Wasn't death by PowerPoint.
18.11.15 - Marcello C
Great course, learned heaps, very knowledgeable instructor who answered all my questions when I asked and gave good feedback.
17.11.15 - Peter S
Great course, will tell the boss to attend.
17.11.15 - Ray N
The course was very informative and well run.
17.11.15 - Matt P
The trainers were great and made the day encouraging.
29.10.15 - Hayden R
Well informed course with excellent equipment.
27.10.15 - Trevor T
Steve was very helpful and understanding.
20.10.15 - Josh B
Steve was highly experienced, enthusiastic and took his role seriously. i enjoyed the course.
15.10.15 - Scott F
Thanks, good interaction with class.
07.10.15 - Matthew G
Steve is a passionate instructor and explains the course so everyone can understand and was patient and helpful.
05.10.15 - Brad
Teacher has a lot of knowledge and great at talking to the class.
29.09.15 - Anonymous
Aaron was well informed on the topic and explained everything in an easy to understand manner.
29.09.15 - Jake
Trainer knew his stuff.
29.09.15 - Barry
Trainer was very good and clear with instructions.
07.09.15 - Anonymous 
Full of knowledge and fun during the whole period.
07.09.15 - David B
Great course easy to understand and didn't feel too drawn out.
02.09.15 - Anonymous 
An enjoyable course. I learnt valuable info.
25.08.15 - Ty C
Good learning environment. Trainer very knowledgeable and approachable.
21.08.15 - Dave T
Great course! Thanks!
21.08.15 - A.Z. 
Impressed - efficient and to the point
21.08.15 - Claude O
Great trainer. Very knowledgeable at and on the subject.
11.08.15 - Anonymous
Thank you for helping me understand. 
08.08.15 - Anonymous 
Well delivered course, very knowledgeable. 
08.08.15 - Tom 
Made some jokes, wan't boring like other courses.
08.08.15 - Anonymous
Very good facilities.
04.08.15 - Chris X
Course was conducted well and in a fun manner which kept it interesting.
04.08.15 - Corey
Will definitely be back for more refreshers due to location and service offered, quality of training is high and instructors knowledge is excellent.
04.08.15 - Anonymous
Very relaxed atmosphere, enjoyable.
24.7.15 - Tim C
Great teacher. Easy to understand.

24.07.15 - Anonymous 
Dave presented an informative and knowledgeable course. 

24.07.15 - Darryl M
Dave was great.

23.07.15 - Sheik
Good knowledge and easy to learn.
16.04.15 - Anonymous
Great teacher.
16.04.15 - Andrew Y
He is very calm and gentle and knows what he is talking about.

31.03.15 - Vittorio R
Very good course.

31.03.15 - Anonymous
Very good.
31.03.15 - Brendan B
Very good trainer, was not boring like a lot are. Would definitely return to WAM if this is the standard of training.

25.03.15 - Miles S
Great course and delivery by Dave.  Enjoyed the day.

25.03.15 - Joey L
Dave is a great trainer.   Also a great comedian.
13.03.15 - Anonymous
Trainer was great.
06.03.15 - Ricky V
Thank you.
06.03.15 - Anonymous
Thanks very much for the help from the teachers, very kind and helpful with everything, I will call again.

06.03.15 - Gearad M
Excellent Facilities.   Instructors cater for all levels of trainee experience.

25.02.15 - Anonymous
Good thanks.
25.02.15 - Mark B
Very informative.
25.02.15 - Anonymous
Aaron was very clear and informative in his instructions.

18.02.15 - Allan D
The trainer had a very concise knowledge of the subject manner. A very informative and pleasurable experience.

06.02.15 - Anonymous
Good course, helpful information.
06.02.15 - Georges C
Very good trainers and good course.

06.02.15 - Anonymous
Great job, understood the course and if needed help, always there to provide help.

05.02.15 - Eddie Y 
Have conducted this course in 2012 in WA.  The training here was 100% better than the last provider, and I got more from this course.

5.02.15 - Rick
Enjoyed the day Dave was very professional well done. He set the tone to the experience in the room.

29.01.15 - Tobi K
Presented well and good prac facilities.

29.01.15 - John I
Excellent course, both theory and practical.

19.01.15 - Ben J
Good to get practical experience using harness + different fall arrest systems.

19.01.15 - Anonymous
Great course.

19.01.15 - Clinton B
Very impressed with Aaron’s ability as a trainer.

19.01.15 - Craig G
Quite informative.

15.01.15 - Tristan H
Good good course.  Well explained-helpful.

25.11.14 - Mauel A
Good presenters. I didn't feel like falling asleep.
05.11.14 - Kevin D 
The course was interesting and practical, anecdotes and trainers experience made it more engaging and interesting.

05.11.14 - Barry
Understanding trainer, good communication 
30.10.14 - Anonymous
Applied specific knowledge for individual understanding.
13.10.14 - Grant R
Best WAH I've done yet.
09.10.14 - Corey H
Dave is the greatest teacher I've ever had the privilege to work with.
09.10.14 - Matt F
Fantastic course, great info and interactions with Dave. One of the best courses I have done.
09.10.14 - Ashley R
Dave was/is very friendly, nice and funny, very informative. I learnt a lot. All relevant information needed.

06.05.14 - J Chrisohoidis 
A lot of depth about machines and knowledge provided
06.05.14 - Benjamin F
Great facility. Realistic training for 'real world' application.
17.4.14 - Allen
Easy and very clear information.
03.04.14 - Benjamin G
Dave delivered training courses in an excellent and professional manner.
24.03.14 - Anonymous
Good course, Good instructors.

10.02.14 - Thomas
Very professional about the course .
31.01.14 - Anonymous
Great environment for learning.
07.12.13 - Benny
Great job.
07.12.13 - Anonymous
Awesome course.
07.12.13 - Chris B
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
05.12.13 - Anonymous
Dave did great job.
04.12.13 - Anonymous
This training is very interesting and developed knowledge. That’s very important for future.
04.12.13 - Anonymous
It was good experience and excellent trainer.
30.07.13 - Anonymous
Bloody loved it! Loved the theory and the practical’s were crazy fun.
30.07.13 - Anonymous
Very well presented.
30.07.13 - Anonymous
Had a lot of experience and an answer for all our questions.
12.07.13 - Anonymous
Aaron most approachable and prepared to provide extra assistance when required.
2.07.13 - Anonymous
Instructor very informative, varied training to suit needs of trainees.
2.07.13 - Anonymous
I thank Dave for bestowing great knowledge upon me.
06.12.12 - Chris B
Great Trainer.
31.11.13 - Stuart D
Well presented and explained. Thanks Dave.
30.11.13 - Kumar S
Useful & important course
28.11.13 - Wesam H
Instructor definitely knew what was going on and made it very approachable to everyone around.
28.11.13 - David M
Training was good, learnt heaps.
26.11.13 - Anonymous
Good course learnt a great deal.
26.11.13 - Anonymous
Good course, good facilities.
26.11.13 - Anonymous
It's good to know this course. I learned a few things about safety at heights.
08.11.13 - Andy H
Dave P conducted the training with a very high level of understanding. Good course.
16.10.13 - Anonymous
Aaron demonstrated thorough knowledge of subject. Very well presented in a friendly manner.
16.10.13 - Jeremy M
Excellent as usual.
30.09.13 - Jess C
Dave = Legend.
30.09.13 - Stan
Top trainer.
30.09.13 - Peter L
Trainer was excellent.
28.09.13 - Anonymous
Trainer made it very easy to understand.
28.09.13 - A Nichols
Dave's knowledge and understanding was outstanding. Thank you.
28.09.13 - Justin C
Great Trainer.
13.09.13 - Jon K
Greg had an excellent knowledge of the training, which in turn made the course both interesting and rewarding.
13.08.13 - Scott T
Very good course.
13.08.13 - Mark S
I particularly liked the summary revisions during the training.