This course is suitable for anyone who installs trenching support at a worksite and is only ever conducted for group bookings on employers’ sites.

Why complete the Install Trench Support Training?

Section 21 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic.) requires that employers provide an adequate level of information, instruction, training and supervision to employees to enable them to work safely.

According to WorkSafe Victoria’s Compliance Code – Excavation (May 2018), “Information, instruction and training needs to cover the nature of hazards associated with excavation work, including the need for risk control measures and how to properly use them. For example, ensure employees understand:

  • the nature of the hazards associated with the excavation work
  • the need for and proper use of measures to control risk
  • the selection, use, fit, testing and storage of any personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • the content of any relevant SWMS and health and safety coordination plan”
  • Planning and preparing to install trench support
  • Trenching hazards
  • The risk of injury
  • Why control measures are needed
  • Installing trench support
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Experience working around excavations is preferred

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Course Details

For the Install Trench Support Training Course, trainees must have adequate English language skills to safely complete tasks relating to trenching, such as being able to:

  • Read and correctly interpret Safe Work Method Statements, operating procedures and earthmoving equipment specifications
  • Complete required documentation relevant to the use of trench support devices, including completing risk assessments
  • Ensure that the safe working load of the trench support devices and earthmoving equipment aren’t exceeded
  • Speak clearly and unambiguously in English
  • Explain, describe and verify sometimes complex needs and issues
  • Verbal assessments will not be conducted for this course

If a trainee is concerned that they may not have the capabilities described above, please contact WAM Training on 1800 143 343 for advice.

Once competence is achieved, trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment and Proof of Training Card.

  • A maximum of 12 trainees can attend this course
  • Trainees are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with your policies and procedures applicable to excavation work
  • For identification, trainees should bring a driver’s licence or passport
  • This course is delivered over 2 days face-to-face with a blend of classroom-based and practical activities
  • All Trainees are expected to study the course handbook before the course commences
  • Trainees will be assessed using a short-answer test, the development and implementation of a Safe Work Method Statement and a practical assessment involving the installation and removal of a trench support device (including entering the trench)
  • Verbal assessments will not be conducted for this course (please refer to the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements outlined above)
  • This course is conducted on your site
  • The customer is required to supply trench shields, excavator, operator and chains on the second day of the course
  • Shields must be of adequate size to allow safe entry and exit to and from the trench)
  • Excavator and chains must be suitably compliant (excavator to have load chart, chains to be within 1 year of test date)
  • All site work permits and dial before you dig information must be available on both days of course
  • Access to various control measures (such as barriers or temporary fencing) to deal with all site hazards

This is so that we can make sure that our Trainer is safe, and also so that our Trainer is familiar with the processes that your business follows. We can also flag any differences between your processes and our course content, so that contradictions can be resolved prior to course commencement. Note that there are quite a few requirements that need to be met for us to run this course on your site, which can be found in our Onsite Course Resource Guide.

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7 reviews for Install Trench Support Training

  1. Travis

    Well explained, makes you think about the subject. Really talks of the dangers of trench collapsing. Good course!

  2. Mark

    Great training to gain full understanding of the topic and trainer provided further insight with his rich experience and knowledge of the topic.

  3. Chantal K

    Dave explained any question I had and made the course really interesting with real life scenarios and stories. Dave kept the class engaged during the duration of the course.

  4. Marcus

    Professional training crew that knows what they are talking about! Had a great couple of days.

  5. Aldo

    They actually give you the time of day the teaching methods are very good and for an old timer like me it comes in handy

  6. Johnny

    From admin to the teachers, the course was fantastic

  7. Brad

    I have completed a number of WAM training courses and there is no one else I’d recommend, trainers have real world experience in the industries and are very knowledgeable. WAM has always been a smooth and pleasant company to deal with.

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