Operate Elevating Work Platforms

(Scissor lift only)

Unit Code:

  • RIIHAN301D Operate elevating work platform

SL: Scissor Lifts
VL: Vertical Lifts

WHO should complete scissor lift training?

Persons who need to operate, transport or supervise scissor lifts and vertical lifts.

Additional Entry Requirements:

  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Applicants must satisfy the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements as outlined below
  • Experience working around plant/machinery is preferred but not mandatory

WHY do you need scissor lift training?

Section 21 of the OHS Act 2004 (Vic.) requires that employers provide an adequate level of information, instruction, training and supervision to employees to enable them to work safely.

“The EWPA Duty of care ‘Yellow Card’ is a nationally recognised industry training program developed by the EWPA in consultation with members and industry. The intention of this program is to assist operators, employers, equipment owners and manufactures in complying with the OH&S regulation. The Yellow Card provides the holder with evidence of training in a particular type of EWP where no licence exists.

  • The Yellow Card provides evidence that the operators of specific types of EWPs have been trained in the safe use of the work platform.
  • The supplier, employer and user all have documentary evidence that the required ‘duty of care’ has been met or exceeded.”
Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia

WHAT is covered in the scissor lift training?

The following subjects are covered throughout the course:

  • Types of elevating work platforms (EWP’s)
  • Hazards and control measures
  • Pre-operational safety checks
  • Emergency procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Operation of scissor lifts

WHERE are the scissor lift training courses conducted?

How Safe is Your Workplace?

If safety is important to you and your staff are operating any elevating work platforms, you must always ask yourself the question “How safe is your Workplace?”

How Safe is Your Workplace?



  • $220.00 (GST Exempt) Per Person.

WHEN are scissor lift training courses conducted?


  • Tuesday 3rd September 2019.
  • Thursday 5th September 2019 – 1 position remaining
  • Wednesday 11th September 2019 – 1 position remaining
  • Friday 13th September 2019.
  • Wednesday 18th September 2019.
  • Friday 20th September 2019.
  • Monday 23rd September 2019.
  • Wednesday 25th September 2019.
  • Thursday 26th September 2019.
  • Wednesday 2nd October 2019.
  • Wednesday 16th October 2019.

Duration & course times:

07:45am – 2:00pm (Approx.)

Course numbers:

  • Maximum 8


  • Enclosed safety shoes and hi-visibility clothing are required
  • WAM Training can provide a hi-visibility safety vest for courses on our site


Trainees will be assessed using a short-answer written test, incorporating a Safe Work Method Statement, and a practical assessment involving the operation of scissor lifts.


Once competence is achieved, trainees will be issued with:

  • An operator ‘Yellow Card’ with photo, operator number and endorsed with the SL class
  • A Statement of Attainment for the unit RIIHAN301D Operate elevating work platforms

Language, Literacy & Numeracy:

The assessment process is broken into two sections – Knowledge and Practical. The Knowledge assessment may be conducted orally. All assessments must be conducted in English – engaging an interpreter is not allowed.

Health note:

The training and assessment may involve bending, crawling, and light to medium lifting. Please refer to ‘Student Health Form’ for further advice.


03.10.18 – Alex B

The trainer’s instructional style makes for a relaxed but informative course.

03.08.18 – Ethan B

Stan made it very easy to understand and learn the materials/knowledge which this type of course required. Enjoyable. Would recommend. 

03.08.18 – Steven B

Trainer was a great presenter and very informative. Made the session really enjoyable. Thanks WAM.

17.3.17 – Mike C
Fantastic training day.

06.11.17 – Jack E

A mix of humour and knowledge was great.

03.11.17 – James B

Very informative and well presented.

03.1.17 – Nicholas H

Fantastic class.

26.10.16 – Abraham
It was a good day, easy to pick-up and Dave is thorough in his teaching. Would recommend it to everyone

21.10.16 – Anonymous
Very insightful, interesting, well delivered.

20.10.16 – Anonymous 
Happy with Greg’s work.

20.10.16 – Anonymous
Greg was a champ.

6.10.17 George T.

Great class, learnt alot about EWP.

04.08.16 – Alan T
Excellent presentation by trainer.

04.08.16 – Brett G
David was extremely knowledgeable and assisted in all questions and was able to clearly implicate expectations and laws on the course.

11.05.16 – Jon V
Great trainer, very efficient.

 29.07.15 – Anonymous
Very thorough training, happy with today’s outcome.

29.07.15 – Anonymous
Very engaging and appropriate for requirements.

17.07.15 – Anonymous
Stan was a great instructor. he is enthusiastic about his work.  

17.07.15 – Tim C
Good course, great trainer.

14.07.15 – Anonymous
Trainer was knowledgeable and helpful when questions were asked. Training very applicable to job and site.

10.07.15 – Andrew Z
Was a better course than I expected, very useful. Showed me there was a lot I didn’t know, but needed to.

01.04.15 – Jarrod W
Enjoyable session, easy to understand.

01.04.15 – Nicholas T
Easy to understand.

01.04.15 – Jordan S
Lucas was great and knew what he was saying.

01.04.15 – Anonymous
He was a great trainer and a great bloke.

27.03.15 – Duane R
Best trainer I’ve had in a long time!!

25.03.15 – Usman G
Easy and relaxed with a cooperative trainer who had good experience.

25.03.15 – Anonymous
Very relaxed, kept the course interesting.

25.03.15 – Anonymous
The course was good.

25.03.15 – Justin B
Booked in and got a quick reply as well as fast service. Training was in a good environment.

25.03.15 – Anonymous
All good.

25.03.15 – Brennan W
It was a good informative course.

25.03.15 – Marek M
Very good presentation by the trainer. The trainer had very good knowledge of the subject.

18.03.15 – Anonymous
Good course, learnt a lot.

16.03.15 – Tom H
Nice friendly course, good instructions.

16.03.15 – Nick C
Great understanding of EWP training and procedures.

16.03.15 – Esmir G
Good work.

16.03.15 – Adrian C
Explained very well.

13.03.15 – Barrie W
Good times, good vibes.

13.03.15 – Andrew K 
Straight to the point and was easy to understand.

13.03.15 – Anonymous
Easy to understand and was right to the point, no nonsense. 

13.03.15 – Brodie S
Good facilities, good trainer, relaxed and fun environment. 

13.03.15 – Gift M
Thanks very much WAM training, Lucas was very knowledgeable and the class was enjoyable and he got everyone involved.

13.03.15 – Anonymous
Lucas gave a great lesson and kept the whole thing interesting.

12.03.15 – Mark J
Excellent training.

04.03.2015 – James P
Good course and would recommend to others.

04.03.2015 – Justin H
Lucas displayed quality leadership skills and was excellent throughout session.

04.03.2015 – Anonymous
Training was provided in a fun and relaxed environment.

04.03.2015 – Lachlan R
Lucas is a clear communicator which makes learning a lot easier.

14.11.14 – Joel
The trainer was good and had great information and personal experience to pass on to the students to get the points across. Facility was well equiped for students.

14.11.14 – Phil
The trainer was very helpful and gave great information and had personal experience to help the students to get to the point.

14.11.14 – Anonymous
Great teacher learnt a lot and understood well.

13.11.14 – Vaughan S
Stan was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Gave us a few laughs and was very helpful.

30.10.14 – Anonymous
The training was conducted in a positive and fun environment without any feeling of hierarchy. Excellent learning environment.

30.10.14 – Anonymous
The course went very well. Learnt everything I needed to know about using/operating EWP.

20.10.14 – Anonymous
The topic was really thorough on safety and equipment. All questions answered to a high standard.

20.10.14 – Justin W
Good course, relative content.

20.10.14 – Josh B
Exactly what I needed. No fuss training, got it done.

17.10.14 – John D
Found Lucas to have an excellent knowledge of subject.

3.10.14 – Anonymous
Very easy going and understanding.

19.09.14 – Anonymous
A really good course, explained really well and clearly.

17.09.14 – Nick B
Trainer put things in realistic and understandable terms and really stressed important information.

25.08.14 – Anonymous
Went through everything clearly. Easy to talk to.

20.08.14 – Felix M
Tip top service

15.08.14 – Luke G
Good course, well explained, good environment.

25.07.14 – James
Excellent service and training. Stan was great!

25.07.14 – Aaron G
Informative, well structured and easy to follow.

25.07.14 – Anonymous
Excellent trainer and courses.

24.07.14 – Anonymous
Easy to understand and well presented.

21.07.14 – Adam B
Thorough and well presented course.

21.07.14 – Craig W
Great knowledge broken down in an easy to understand way.

17.07.14 – Anonymous
Trainer very clear spoken and down to Earth.

17.07.14 – Rick B
Stan provided great information and was very helpful in his approach.

02.07.14 – Mark M
Found trainer to be very knowledgeable and made course fun to learn.

02.07.14 – Anonymous
Minimal bull dust. Very good.

23.06.14 – Anonymous
A very worthwhile course.

23.06.14 – Peter S
Good communication from instructor, thorough, prompted questions and participation from trainees.

20.06.14 – Michael N
Dave was good knew his stuff, kept it interesting.

12.06.14 – Mark E
A good relaxed environment to learn new skills. Much better than stressing about it.

16.05.14 – Stan M
Stan was extremely thorough with all aspects of the course. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

07.05.14 – Adam M
We were encouraged to ask questions and bounce questions off each other.

30.04.14 – Simon R
Greg is a great teacher. Very friendly

30.04.14 – Deejay C
Trainer was knowledgeable, professional and very helpful.

30.04.14 – Shahar S
The training was really good! Greg was great and very funny! Was a very good experience!

24.04.14 – Anonymous
Great teaching, very helpful

16.04.14 – Sam B
Great session.

16.04.14 – Jackson E
Great that it was mainly practical and we got straight into it

04.03.14 – Jake
Stan helped me get through my fear of heights.

19.02.14 – Anonymous
David was very helpful in me achieving my yellow card.

19.02.14 – Anonymous
Good training session, informative and enjoyed the fact it wasn’t all theory.

19.02.14 – Anonymous
Excellent course.

19.02.14 – Anonymous
Very helpful training provided.

19.02.14 – Anonymous
Relaxed but informative day, all area covered. Enjoyed it.

14.02.14 – Flavio B
Course knowledge excellent, good to see plenty of OHS included.

14.02.14 – Corey H
Clearly explained fun course. Would recommend to others.

14.02.14 – Tim D
Very happy with course.

07.02.14 – Anonymous
Was very informal and in-depth.

07.02.14 – Philip S
Greg did a great job running this course. Will highly recommend to others.

05.02.14 – Hakam T
It was a pleasantly enjoyable day and very informative.

24.01.14 – Anonymous
Was enjoyable and have a better understanding of harnesses on working at heights.

24.01.14 – Anonymous
Very informative. I would recommend to others.

24.01.14 – Trent
Dave is a good trainer.

20.01.14 – Anonymous
All information was delivered effectively and with good knowledge. I will recommend others for my company for this course.

20.01.14 – Anonymous
Good presentation.

18.12.13 – Anonymous
Practical introduction to EWP’s before theory component, made it all better to understand in the right context.

18.12.13 – Josh M
Very happy with the course, was worth the time and effort – great experience.

18.11.13 – Josh
Well spoken and easy learning the course doing the prac test.

15.11.13 – Anonymous
Great instructor.

15.11.13 – Anonymous
Very informative.

15.11.13 – Sabri B
Enjoying and interesting course, Stan was very good at his teaching.

14.11.13 – Saxon W
Good teacher made the course interesting.

14.11.13 – Michael S
All services were more than sufficient!

14.11.13 – Nancy
Thanks for all your excellent training, will let you know what job I end up with!

14.11.13 – Karl M
Instructor was excellent.

14.11.13 – Anonymous
Great trainer.

08.11.13 – Arron S
Thanks again Aaron, great course.

08.11.13 – Anonymous
Thank you.

30.10.13 – Anonymous
Great course – Thanks!

30.10.13 – Anonymous
Great trainer and training company.

30.10.13 – Anonymous
Informative slide show, good references to events that happened in the field.

29.10.13 – Chris M
Great information provided by trainer.

29.10.13 – Shane G
Found course and staff to be informative interesting and friendly.

25.10.13 – Ray A
Teacher was great knew what he was talking about learnt more than I thought.

25.10.13 – Anonymous
The trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable.

25.10.13 – Ariana L
Great trainer, I would highly recommend.

22.10.13 – Anonymous
Really good insight in training.

22.10.13 – Dylan S
Good course.

22.10.13 – G.McIntyre
All good.

21.10.13 – Bob R
Friendly and knowledgeable bloke. Made course interesting!

21.10.13 – Dean R
Great Course very informative and practical.

21.10.13 – Anonymous
The trainer has been very helpful and practical.

21.10.13 – Wai F H
Very good trainer.

21.10.13 – Anonymous
Very, very good.

18.10.13 – Daniel G
Been using scissors for 8 years and learnt more in one day about EWP’s than 8 years experience. Very Good!

18.10.13 – Joey P
Excellent training. Made me fell more confident in using equipment.

15.10.13 – Anonymous
Friendly staff and approachable trainers. I would train here again. Thank you.

15.10.13 – Anonymous
Great trainers made learning easy.

15.10.13 – Anonymous
Great course will recommend WAM to others.

11.10.13 – Chris S
I have completed hundreds of external courses over the past 15 years at dozens of different providers. WAM is definitely the most organised & well equipped training facility I have ever been to!

11.10.13 – Justin
Overall very happy with service provided.

11.10.13 – Andrew H
Great class. Stan was great. Very relevant. Good amount of prac/slideshow ratio.

11.10.13 – Aaron H
Very Good relaxed learning environment. Enjoyed the training.

11.10.13 – Jeremy M

11.10.13 – Matt C
Stan helped out a lot and was very good at teaching the group.

11.10.13 – Justin
Overall very happy with service provided.

09.10.13 – Anonymous
Training was relevant. Learned several things after 20 years.

09.10.13 – Anonymous
It was real good, good stuff.

09.10.13 – Anonymous
Excellent course – Great Instructor – had a great day.

08.10.13 – Anonymous
I would like to thank Stan for providing me with tools and knowledge for my trade.

27.09.13 – Matt C
Very informative and the trainer was very clear and concise with relative safety issues.

27.09.13 – Chris
Very happy with all aspects of this course.

27.09.13 – Yusuf
Very good and very clear. Wants me to do his Air Con.

27.09.13 – Jeremiah F
Very concise. Good that the trainer had current knowledge, not always the case in my experience. Cheers!

27.09.13 – Dale W
The instructor was very helpful.

27.09.13 – Anonymous
Had great day. Stan a good trainer. This was a breeze after WP (Worksafe high Risk Licence to operate Boom Lifts over 11 Meters)

20.09.13 – Anonymous
Really enjoyed my training and very well taught.

20.09.13 – Nick B
Trainer actually trained us, wanted us to learn the information for real life rather than just the test.

20.09.13 – Anonymous
Trainer was very informative and cared a great deal about conveying accurate and safe methods.

20.09.13 – Nick P
In all good information, good trainer.

17.09.13 – Anthony W
Thank you, great day. Look forward to seeing you again.

17.09.13 – Lachlan V
Fantastic facilities and equipment, really nice training environment made it easy to learn. Really good trainers on both days.

13.09.13 – Anonymous
Stan was very professional in his approach to provide safe usage of EWP’s.

13.09.13 – Anonymous
The course was very informative and made easy with the good training.

12.09.13 – Mario G
Yes it was done very well.

12.09.13 – Ross N
Trainer explained things to me clearly & I would recommend WAM Training to others.

09.09.13 – Anonymous
Course was good. Teacher spoke in an easy to relate to manner. Also knowledgeable about the machines.

09.09.13 – Anonymous
Leaned more in this course than I thought I would. Excellent.

09.09.13 – Mark C
Very informative and well explained. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer.

09.09.13 – Rodney G
Course runs very well, plenty of information.

09.09.13 – Brendan A
Great course. Highly informative.

09.09.13 – Shannon M
Easy to understand. Great course.

09.09.13 – Anonymous
This course was conducted in an informative & polite way.

05.09.13 – Anonymous
Great service and very interesting training. Trainer was helpful on all my questions.

05.09.13 – Anonymous
Instructor went in depth with protocols. Learnt a lot about EWP’s that I didn’t know.

05.09.13 – Anonymous
Trainer was thorough and informative.

05.09.13 – Mark
Trainer was excellent and approachable.

03.09.13 – Ashley P
I found the assistance and facilities first class. I found the training very effective and enjoyed the more realistic approach from Stan.

30.08.13 – Sean
I thought the facility and the trainer were excellent.

30.08.13 – Josh
The training was comprehensive and was very safety orientated.

30.08.13 – Anonymous
It was perfect.

30.08.13 – Anonymous
Great service really enjoyed the day. 

30.08.13 – Adam W
I thought the training provided was fantastic. If any further training is needed I would love to come back.

21.08.13 – Scott T
Very good, enjoyable and informative.

15.08.13 – Peter
Course very beneficial and flowed in a logical sequence. Easy to understand but hard enough to make you think about things.

09.08.13 – Anonymous
Very happy with the training and the trainer.

09.08.13 – Shaun K
Very helpful with all aspects of training and made learning easier.

09.08.13 – Paul Pt
Great communication skills by trainers and very helpful when needing information.

31.07.13 – Anonymous
It was very well presented course and very happy with the instructor.

31.07.13 – Ryan F
Entertaining, thorough, patient.

24.07.13 – Miles G
Dave’s a top bloke and a great instructor.

24.07.13 – Luke B
Will return for other training.

23.07.13 – Anonymous
Stan, great day, easy to get along with, would recommend course to others.

15.07.13 – Anonymous
Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

11.07.13 – Andrew L
Stan was excellent. Very helpful, very informative.