Construction Induction White Card


White Card / Construction Induction

(6 hour course)

Unit Code:

  • CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

WHO should complete white card / construction induction training?

Anyone who is employed to perform construction work is required by regulation to have completed construction induction training by an approved training provider.

Additional Entry Requirements:

  • Applicants must satisfy the Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements as outlined below

WHY do you need white card / construction induction training?

The Law:

Regulation 339 of the OHS Regulations 2017 (Vic.) requires employers to “ensure that construction induction training is provided … to a person who— (a) is employed to perform construction work; and (b) does not hold a current construction induction card.”

WHAT is covered in white card / construction induction training?

This course provides trainees with the information and knowledge required to understand basic construction site safety principles on the following topics:

  • OHS legislative requirements
  • Construction hazards and control measures
  • OHS communication and reporting processes
  • OHS incident response procedures

WHERE are the white card / construction induction courses conducted?

How Safe is Your Workplace?

If safety is important to you and your staff are operating any elevating work platforms, you must always ask yourself the question “How safe is your Workplace?”

How Safe is Your Workplace?



  • $200.00 (GST Exempt) Per Person.
WHEN are the white card / construction induction courses conducted?


  • Wednesday 4th September 2019 – 3 positions remaining 
  • Thursday 26th September 2019.
  • Friday 11th October 2019.
  • Thursday 31st October 2019
  • Monday 18th November 2019.

Duration & course times:

6 hour course (07:45am – 14:00pm Approx.)

Course numbers:

  • Maximum 12


  • Casual clothing and enclosed shoes


Trainees will be assessed using a short-answer written test, incorporating a Safe Work Method Statement.


Once competence is achieved, trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment, and a Construction Induction Card (White Card) issued by WorkSafe Victoria

Language, Literacy & Numeracy:

Trainees need to be able to demonstrate the basic knowledge and skills and numeracy required to work by themselves and as part of a team in highly defined and routine tasks. Trainees must be able to utilise workplace documentation using basic written English, with the assistance of a trainer.

Health note:

The training and assessment may involve bending, crawling, and light to medium lifting. Please refer to ‘Student Health Form’ for further advice.



23.10.18 – Graeme M
I learnt heaps.
23.10.18 – Danice Smith
I was engaged through out the course. 
23.10.18  – Danny J
Trainer was fantastic and very understanding.
03.09.18 – Anonymous
Well structured and delivered using real life scenarios and relevant examples.

03.09.18 – Anonymous

Great interaction

03.08.18 – Anonymous
have been many times and it’s always a pleasure to come.

27.04.18 – Evan
Trainer was very educated and got everyone involved in the conversation/tasks.

05.04.18 – George D
The course was excellent and informative. 

05.04018 – Anonymous
The course was really good and I’m very happy with the trainer.

17.11.17 – Amellia F.

Paul was finally informative.


17.11.17 – Anonymous
CIC course was easy to follow. Paul made it a better course as power points can be tiring sometimes.


19.9.17 – Victor O
Good real life anecdotes. Easy to follow content.


19.9.17 – Anonymous

Good course, trainer was very knowledgeable.


19.9.17 – Stephen S
Very clean/real. Examples and was down to Earth.


19.9.17 – Anonymous

Clear and simple explanations.


18.09.17 – Anna
James worked at a good pace that I could follow. He is approachable and no question is too “dumb”. Able to explain everything at a level that everyone was able to understand.


06.09.17 – Dean S
Well delivered training. Thank you.


05.09.17 – Tabatha 
Very strong knowledge and personable.


05.09.17 – Cordelia H
Steve is great – loved the use of whiteboard to keep it interesting.


05.09.17 – Sam H
The trainer made a relatively boring subject seem interesting.


05.09.17 – James O
Made it easy and fun to learn.


17.07.17 – Anonymous
Trainer was very knowledgeable and provided real life examples which were helpful. 


 16.06.17 – Anonymous
Not my first course at WAM but another high quality course.


 24.05.17 – Anonymous
Thank you for teaching us you did an excellent job.


24.05.17 – David L
Instructor spoke clearly and the course was enjoyable.


14.3.17 – Kristen F
The course and trainer were extremely organised and knowledgeable.

14.3.17 – Anonymous
Relaxed and informative environment.

20.1.16 – Rishad W
This is great course to learn things very happy to come here.

16.12.16 – John L
Steve has a wealth of knowledge for the course

16.12.16 – Anonymous
Great instructor, very thorough with explanations and were then happy to go above and beyond to assist.

12.12.16 – Anonymous 
Greg was excellent. Terrific knowledge

12.12.16 – Anonymous
Great teacher.

14.10.16 – Samantha A
Greg was great at providing examples throughout the training. His knowledge and experience was an asset in his teaching/trainer presentation – delivery.

14.10.16 – Reg L
Everything was clearly explained and content was highly relate-able, Greg was a fantastic teacher.

14.10.16 – Anonymous 
Greg was a great teacher, encouraged questions and discussion, knew the topic really well and had great real life examples which demonstrated to students the relevance and importance of the training. 

 12.09.16 – Shaun K 
Great presentation and training.

31.08.16 – Kaila 
Excellent course,thanks Paul.

31.08.16 – Kelly P
Very thorough teaching and pointed out what would be particularly relevant to our workplace.

31.08.16 – Anonymous
Very approachable trainer, knew his stuff and explained it in a situation relevant to our work.

15.08.16 – Anonymous 
Good course, relevant info, well presented by Greg.

17.06.16 – M. McMasters
Flowed well. Presented well. Flexible.

03.02.16 – Anonymous
Great educational course, well needed.

03.02.16 – Ryan A
Was good! Clear instructions and good interactions and examples were spot on.

03.02.16 – Anonymous
Aaron was very knowledgeable presented the information clearly

16.12.15 – Oliver P
The information given was clear and easy to understand.

16.12.15 – Anonymous 
Training was good, definitely worthwhile. Would look forward to training with them again.

16.12.15 – Carl Y 
Very easy to understand Dave – great work!

16.12.15 – Jason H
Easy to understand. Went at a nice pace.

14.12.15 – Daniel 
The trainer was very informative and knowledgeable

14.12.15 – Emma U
Aaron was great at engaging the group in discussions and using relevant workplace examples throughout the session. It gave me great understanding of safety measures in the workplace.

14.12.15 – Cody
Our instructor Aaron was extremely knowledgeable and made everything easy to learn in a a professional manner.

18.09.2015 – Anonymous 
Good instructor. 

05.09.2015 – Jasemin L
The trainer had excellent knowledge of the subject and explained to us very well and cleanly.

21.08.2015 – Jake T
Trainer was very knowledgeable and provided the information in a way which made it simple to understand.

17.07.2015 – Anonymous 
The training was carried out really well.

17.07.2015 – Anonymous
Greg made the session interesting and very approachable.

26.02.2015 – Andy H
Excellent trainer.

30.01.2015 – Darin S
Great to get an informative, up to date presentation.

12.09.2014 – Anonymous
Trainer kept course highly entertaining with examples. Very happy with training.

05.09.2014 – Sam R
Well delivered presentation, that was interesting and appropriate for the audience

06.07.2014 – Debbie R
Trainer was professional and interesting in his knowledge and teachings.

06.06.2014 – Mark L
WAM facilitated an emergency requirement for white card training within a days notice. I will be using WAM for future training.

12.05.014 – Anonymous
Greg was very informative and helpful.