WAM Training – On The Move

From Monday 7th December, WAM Training is relocating to a purpose-built training facility. The property, located at 56 Dohertys Road, Laverton North (just 500m from our current site), is sure to impress, having been designed to provide critical skills and knowledge pivotal to safety in live environments. Here’s a few of the things we’re super excited about:

  • The site more than doubles our current capacity
  • The confined space entry and rescue practical training area has 4 separate entry points, including sewer entry and vessel entry
  • We’ve built an industrial height safety training area comprised of vertical ladders, a catwalk and live edges
  • Our warehouse racking environment is perfect for realistic forklift training
  • The indoor dogging training area provides for uninterrupted dogging training year round
  • We’ll have a massive outdoor training area for our traffic controller, telehandler and EWP courses

Starting from today, we’re offering a massive 20% discount to all new bookings at our new site for courses which commence right up to 31st March 2021.

We want to help other Victorians and Victorian businesses who have had a tough year. We all have to strive to come out bigger and better than before the pandemic, and this is our way of offering a helping hand. We want to see businesses grow and succeed and believe that compassion plays a large role in that.

Look for our discounted pricing on all of our course pages, and be sure to call in and check out our new facility.

If you require further information or assistance, please call our office on 1800 143 343.

Victoria, we’ve got this.

All the best,

Aaron Monaghan

General Manager

WAM Training (RTO 22054)

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