Permitted Worker Permits Required

Hi Everyone,

For courses occurring between Monday 14th September and Monday 26th October, WAM Training will:

  • Only be taking bookings from businesses
  • Require those businesses to declare that the training is required to assist with the construction of critical infrastructure or other authorised construction
  • Require Trainees to bring a Permitted Worker Permit with them specifically stating that they are authorised to attend 73 Dohertys Road, Laverton North VIC 3026 from 7:30am till 4:30pm on each training day

This decision has been made after carefully considering the information published by the Department of Health and Human Services and after consultation with the Department of Education and Training and Business Victoria.

We understand that not everyone will be able to meet these requirements, and recommend booking into training after Wednesday 26th October this year.

Please also note that these measures will be lifted after:

  • We reach Monday 26th October; and
  • The average reportable covid cases for a 14 day period is <5; and
  • There are <5 covid cases with an unknown source for 14 days

If anyone would like clarification on the requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 143 343.

Train safe. Work safe. Home safe.

All the best,

Aaron Monaghan

General Manager

WAM Training (RTO 22054)

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